iPad not charging – solved

If your iPad is not charging and you want to solve it (also for ipad 2 not charging) follow these simple troubleshooting steps to fix it. Hopefully your complain about Apple iPad not charging will be solved! (starting from the simple cheap steps and then moving on . . )

1. Restart your iPad

Well, simple enough, just reboot your iPad and see if it solves the issue of your iPad not charging when connected to the computer (or via wall socket too). Rebooting your iPad twice sometimes solves many issues, including iPad not charging and also iPad getting slow.

2. Restart your computer

If you have connected the iPad to macbook (or any other laptop/computer ofcourse) and now your iPad is not charging, even when you tried restarting the ipad, its time to restart your computer. Take off the usb cable from the iPad and computer, restart both the devices, iPad and PC, and connect again. It should work now.

3. Clean and Retry

If restarting your iPad and computer didn’t help in the issue about your iPad not charging when connected to PC (or without it too) then try cleaning the ports. Clean your iPad charger port, computer usb, both ends of the usb connecting Apple iPad with the laptop or computer and try again. You can clean via blowing hard into it or using a clean tooth brush (without moisture or dust)

4. Cross matching

Well not sure if tech savvy people like using this term or not! the idea is to test your setup by:

  • changing the usb charger for your iPad with friends (or a new one) , you can try car charger too
  • change the socket / laptop / computer that you’re trying to charge your iPad with to see if it fixes it or still your the ipad is not charging

5. Change your iPad

well the last resort is to change the iPad! yeah this one is expensive option! ;)


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