iphone home button not working

Few days back my iPhones home button stopped working. It just won’t work. No hard pressing, no tricks work what so ever.

I was using my iPhone like any usual day and it suddenly stopped responding to home button.

But this eventually was beneficial, I learned how to open my iPhone and replace its parts due to it! and it was fun :)

There are many tips out there on internet for what to do when your iPhone home button stops working, try them out first, but if it don’t work, you might need to replace the home button simply.

Best option is to take it to the shop or anyone who have done it already, to avoid damage to your phone. It might cost almost 10$ in all to replace your iPhone button from local mobile shop (or less even)

If you want to replace the button on your own, then buttons price in my area was almost 3$ . Not very high! right ?

Home button, once replaced, as expected, will work smoothly. It won’t give lag or hard pressing issues too!

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