Joomla Editor removing Flash Object code Tags when saving article – Fixed

You might have noticed that when you try to save an article containing the flash object embed code, it removed the object tag from it (param tag remains there).

Same thing happened to me today while working on a Joomla 1.7 site (although this might also be the case with Joomla 1.6 / 1.5 versions)


The issue is: when you add flash embed code (containing object tag and param tags) it goes there fine. But once you save the article, joomla strips the code by clearing the object tags in it. No matter how you try to add it or which editor you use (TinyMce, Jce, no editor etc)


The reason is that Joomla uses a list of black listed keywords and tags for article manager which is applied on all users by default (administrators and super users too) and it checks the article for the keywords upon saving or applying changes, stripping the code if found (like object tag).


The solution is to turn off content filtering. Well for now we should only turn off black list filtering for the super users (if the current user that we want to use to insert flash object code is a super user). To do so follow these steps:

How to turn off black list filtering in Joomla (1.7)

1. Login to Joomla backend

2. Goto Article Manger from joomla administration top menu

3. Click on Article Manager Options (top right buttons)

4. Select the “Text Filters” tab

5. Goto the end of the list and find Super Users (or any other user that you wish to turn off filtering for

6. Select “No Filtering” from the drop down next to the user group name

This way Joomla blacklist filtering for that particular group will be turned off!


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