Payoneer – fees and tips

I was talking to one of my friends on facebook and while discussing I asked him why don’t he apply for payoneer and his answer was because they charge 35$ a month…! :O NO! they don’t! so I thought about telling you all something about payoneer and tips about its usage.

For those who don’t know what payoneer is, its a master card issued to you on your name and current address which you can use for all prepaid credit card purposes (which includes getting paid online by various sites – freelancer, infolinks, odesk, fiverr etc) and to pay or use it where you need credit card for payments or verification purposes.

Payoneer Fees

Payoneer card Registration fee:

Payoneer cards first time fee is 15-35$ (depending upon your country of residence).

For Pakistan its 35$ but you don’t have to pay it yourself.

If you’re getting paid from someone, like infolinks, when you get your card first time, they will deduct the fee from your payment themselves

Payoneer card Monthly fee:

Monthly maintenance fees is 2$ for an account (if you apply for their virtual bank account then its almost 2$ per month more)

How to take money out from Payoneer card (or account) :

You can use payoneer card at ATM and get cash out of it. You can also pay through it on stores and restaurants where master card is accepted.

Fees per transaction is normal credit card fee which is almost 2.5% of the amount withdrawn.

Tips for using Payoneer account and card:

Payoneer deducts 1$ if you check your card balance through ATM, so don’t do that! Check your account balance online from payoneer account and convert it to approximate rupees or your local currency, and withdraw the amount from ATM.

Payoneer $ rate is different from standard market, so its good to withdraw a little bit less amount. Like if you have 100$ in your account, try to withdraw 95. Why? because with every transaction they charge 1$ too. So if you try to withdraw and fail, you lose 1 $ already. So play wisely.

Banks in Pakistan which support ATM :

Currently I am able to use Payoneer card at MCB and HSBC ATMs only.

UBL, SCB, Habib banks ATM don’t accept Payoneer.

Got queries or updates regarding payoneer specially in Pakistan? do let me know through comments!

P.S. I’m using payoneer for almost 2 years now, and it’s a great relief to have it with me! Their support is great too!

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  1. Hi!

    I’m Talia from Payoneer. Just wanted to drop a line and say thanks for this great post. I also wanted to point out that the fees can differ per partner, just in case someone applies through a different partner, but they are generally similar.

    ATM withdrawal has a flat fee (the amount depends on the partner), and the only percentage fee is here is with the currency conversion fee. This is a fee set by MasterCard, not a fee that we charge. Just so y’all know, this is a regular fee that all banks/cards have when withdrawing cash in a different currency than what’s on your card.

    Feel free to contact me at taliakl at at any time. I’m not sure that I will get notifications of follow up posts here, so let me know if you need anything :-)

    1. yeah one of the users told me after I wrote the post that they’re charged 3$ per month for account maintenance.

      and btw, thanks for leaving a comment :) I’m sure people would be contacting you directly for any queries too!

      P.S. please let me know if you received notification for this reply

      1. Yup – received notification :-)

        Yes, the monthly fee is between $1-3, depending on the partner and the level of activity. I’d like to also point out that the monthly fee is only applicable to months that you have money in your account. If you don’t use the account for a few months, you won’t be charged for them later on.

        Please let me know if you ever need anything, have any questions, or something you’d like to publish on your site. I’d be more than happy to help :-)

        1. Hello Dear,
          I need one help from you I have requested for payoneer card and arrival date is passed which last date is 2APRIL, and I don’t have received any card dear please tell me what should I do? Help me please? I need this card?

  2. I almost got one, but I figured seeing as I have a PayPal Debit card why ha’ve another. I have the PayPalcard for a couple of years. I don’t pay any fees that I’ve see. :)

  3. My payoneer card got verified on 4-10-2011 and its 10th november and I haven’t still received my card. How long does it take to get the card? It says 25 days to maximum but it has been 35 days but still no card. What should I do?

      1. Yes the address was complete. I’ve read somewhere that it takes up to two months to get the card as the local post office delivers the card. I thought mail delivery got postponed due to the Eid holidays.
        Right I’ll ask for help at their support forum.

  4. MCB, National Bank and Standard Chartered bank accept Payoneer mastercard. You can withdraw Twenty thousand rupees from MCB, thirty thousand from SCB and upto fifty thousand from NBP ATM.

  5. hello Talia,
    i am Freelance Graphic Designer.
    i have clients worldwide. i need payoneer account.

    i think your company payoneer is not a professional company.

    let me know, how you find a user’s activity or fake user etc. ???

    i was registered a payoneer account but after registration they blocked my account.
    but why ???
    without any reason :(

    is it not a kidding act ???

    let me know, have you any information about me, that i was joking with payoneer. ???

    i am freelance graphic designer, i need payoneer account for myself to receive my amounts from my clients.

    please make correct your procedure and account blocking criteria system.

    also there is no any email address for complaint about anything on your website.
    and now you tell me how i can active my account.

    i am losing my business. because you have blocked my account. :(

    i request please activate my account urgently.


  6. I personally received my Payoneer MasterCard with in 9 days. It is pretty good, but why they are charging Card Activation – Outside the U.S. ($6.95) and Card Activation ($24.94) both at once. Now Payoneer is too expensive as compared to before.

  7. Hi everyone,
    I want to know that if i m requesting someone to transfer payoneer $ into my account and I m the new user with 0$ will payoneer deduct fee from it?
    Ans will be highly appreciated

    1. What do you mean exactly by receiving it before the arrive date?

      You can activate it by logging in to your payoneer account and checking your email too and following the steps mentioned in it.

  8. I am a new member in payoneer. I have my card activated and also i have 84$ into my account. But when i went to the ATM it said ‘Due to general processing error your transaction could not be completed’. Please help me and also guide me to whom i should contact for the problem??

        1. Did you try contacting payoneer customer care and asking in their forum? Maybe your account is not activated or suspended? Did you try logging into your payoneer account and see if everything is fine there.

  9. Hello i used Bank Alfalah, MCB and Faisal Bank but neither of them accepted the card i dont know why this is happening.

  10. Hello ,
    i am javed from pakistan , i applied 2 times for payoneer card butt did not received yet , one of my friend have a card & he did not activat it yer , so can i use my friend’s card for withdrawl ? how to do so ?

    1. It’s not recommended to use your friends card, as his id card is linked to that account and he can cause any issue for you.

      It’s better to check from your local post office or post man regarding the mail issue or try giving a different address and see how it goes.

      Which city do you live in?

    2. Yes you can use your friend’card if he allows.the procedure is have to get login detail,pin,and card from your friend.that’s all.

  11. Hello,

    Thanks for your post. I work on fiverr and I received my payoneer master card today. DO you have any idea how to attach it with fiver? because payoneer says they do not support bank transfer to pakistan and on fiverr I can see bank transfer option for payoneer.

  12. hello everyone.
    i want to know to to get login into my payoneer account .?
    i forgot what were the login details i have given when i was registering.
    in my gmail i have an email which is having a username and customer id. what does that mean?
    Anyone please help me. thanks

    1. Sikandar did you try going through the password recovery process? It might send you a new password or a link to regenerate a new password for your payoneer account.

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