Why Pakistan approached InterPol against Google

Lets not get into detail of who’s right, who started it, who’s responsible etc for the war going on, coz “usmai kuch parda nasheeno k bhi naam hain” but let me tell you why Pakistan approached interpol against Google last month.

Btw, some might question, how is it tech related, well, it’s related to Google, so anything related to tech monster!

Coming back to the point, why Pakistani courts filed a case against Google and approached interpol to take necessary actions against them.

Well, there is not a very mysterious scenario or a rocket science behind it. Read the following points to get an idea of the reasons which lead to Google being declared a suspect.

  • Pakistan is in a state of war, no matter who’s responsible, again, but it is in state of war, much more than what people of USA can imagine of it to be in
  • Terrorists communicate with journalists and media to release their videos and releases through internet and cell phones (infact voip now)
  • Pakistan demanded Google to hand over only the “route” and “origin” of those emails and all conversation.
  • Pakistan didn’t demand their whole server access.
  • Google refused to help “against” terrorists
  • CIA (who got data for wikileaks from google without warrant even recently) refused to cooperate with Pakistan, on a war which it asks cooperation for from Pakistan
  • Pakistan has all legal right and a logical right to know the origin of those emails and videos, right?

And much more similar thing.

If google or any other service is “helping” terrorists by protecting them and let them communicate freely over the internet, then it’s really better to ban google in Pakistan (i said if it’s really going to continue its stand over protecting terrorists data)

Now some “Educated” people will argue banning google will cause this and that bla bla to education in Pakistan, well a few words for you:

  • Pakistan became nuclear power before google came here, so cut that crap that it will affect education and progress, people can do anything they want without google, if they really want to
  • if google keeps helping terrorists and they destroy our country with the help of USA like they did in iraq and afghanistan, then yeah, hold your laptop with google on it and search which places the bomb hit that day, provided internet is working anymore
  • china banned google (for any reason) and they’re rocking, more than many who use google freely!

So guys, I know government and policies are corrupt, but Pakistans stand against Google and its support for terrorists is absolutely genuine.

No matter even if Google desperately started taking revenge from Pakistan after this event.

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  1. I truly agree with your opinions here. And still dont get google’s refusal to hand over the data to us. Your example for China was so relevant here, we are just so dependent on these giants to gain access to our lives.

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