Payoneer – scam or not

When we are about to join any service which is relatively new to us, this is the first question that comes to our mind!

Specially if it’s related to finance and money matters! then we obviously like to confirm if this is scam or not!

Well about Payoneer, short answer is: NO! Payoneer is not a scam! and is 100% trusted service that I am personally using for almost an year now!

Although it hurts to pay them the fee sometimes :P Here are the fees required by them:

Opening the account: 10-25$

Per month: 2$

Per transaction from atm: 3.5%

Payoneer is really a relief for many freelancers and online project managers to get paid fast and reliably! I’ll definitely recommend them! unfortunately I couldn’t find affiliate link to my account on Payoneer, otherwise I would like to share it here too :p

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