Payoneer services in Pakistan

I am not sure why this post idea came to my mind! but let’s carry on with it!

This time I’m going to discuss a bit about payoneer’s services in relation to Pakistan and Pakistan based people.

Payoneer is an online payment distribution service. They help people get Paid! simple as that!

One gets registered to payoneer by applying on any of the Payoneer’s partner (most of the freelancer websites are).

I’ve seen common misconception among people in Pakistan that they can’t apply for a Payoneer master card from Pakistan! By the way, there are much more who don’t even know that this is possible or any such service exists even!

I’m using Payoneer for more than an year now, happy (sort of :p) and it’s working pretty well for me!

Payoneer not only offers credit card for fast cash out, but also offers virtual bank accounts. And guess what? they can be used for paypal too! usa based! yeah! (but they don’t provide it to everyone, just be regular user, get some handsome account in your account, and apply!)

Payoneer is really a blessing (although not free! :( ) It really made alot of things easier in last year for me! :)

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