Speed up Google +1 button javascript by 10 times

Google plus one button has become important for almost every website these days but do you remember what Google says about speed? Yeah it says its one of the factor for search engine ranking.

Unfortunately the code generated by Google for the google plus one button is too slow!

In this post you’ll be learning how to change¬†google plus one slow button to a faster loading one. The load speed will increase upto 10 times (for me it was 0.8 seconds before and 0.1 seconds after I made the change).

How to make google plus one button load faster

There is no hidden secret behind how to make the google plus one button javascript to load faster. It’s just that the google plus one button generator includes the link to javascript file with https protocol. If we change it to http, it becomes alot fast! (try yourself!)

So what you need to do is, from the link for javascript file for google plus one button, remove “s” making https:// to http://

Like this, from:




This will improve the load speed of google plus one button upto 10 times literally (well almost!)

Try it yourself and tell me if your google plus one slow button speeds up or not!

6 comments on “Speed up Google +1 button javascript by 10 times

  1. Thanks a lot! it works perfect! I have now times under 3 sec. on a Joomla page with FB Fans pics and a 28MB Video streamed from Amazon CloudFront….and this is not the end!!!

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