Supreme court of Pakistan website Hacked

Supreme court of Pakistan’s website got hacked by a Pakistani hacker today stressing the courts to take more actions against various things going around in the country.

I have attached the screenshot of the defaced webpage of the site too (click to enlarge the image)

Well, I can rewrite whatever he wrote in my own words too, but why not see what he said yourself!

The text on the hacked supreme court website said:

[!] Struck By Zombie_Ksa

The Notorious Zombie_Ksa is Back

You Must have Heard about me on, news, headlines, Gov. charges, blogs, blah blah

YES, Pakistan Supreme Court got STAMPED by Zombie_Ksa.

What i can see, I Guess, Supreme Court of Pakistan is in Wrong, Untalented Hands !!

Well Why Did I Choose Supreme Court of Pakistan for HaCkinG ?

Just tO Convey my Message tO Mr Chief So Called Justice Of Pakistan Iftikhar Mohammad Chaudry…

Mr Chief hello0 :D !! Hope So yO Enjoying your full time Luxurious Life.. :D aint u? O.o
So I am here tO request you to go 0ut there and help the poor,needy and hungry.
They Dont have money to Eat one time Meal
They dont Have Clothes to wear
They dont have Accommodation !!

Sitting 0n y0ur r0yal chair w0nt make any changes to 0ur Pakistan

Baby m here tO Tell this mofo World that We are Pakistan ….Not Pornistan… & Sir i need ur help.. Since u have powefull balls and i request you to take action to ban porn sites in Pakistan. Read it again I request you to BAN Pornographic sites in PAKISTAN… PTA is paid whore… they dont give a damn shit about our complains… They can BAN Porn sites… ANd if they dont WTF they are paid for? Mr CJ m again requesting you to take somoto action against PTA. If you dont then i myself will… I will Roast PTA’s Asses like I raped FIA… & If they cant or they wont then InshALLAH I will raise the 1337 gr33n flag high and ll Hack PTA like i hacked bef0re =) …


@Webmaster:Mr.Malik Sohail Ahmad The data is intact, no harm done. The index file is only replaced with this message.Well Dude You Don’t Know Nothing !! Here in PAKISTAN who has Degree He Is Monster and you Idiot is Webmaster of Supreme Court of PAKISTAN ? Death to U !! Learn Some Serious Shit Insane !!>

We are L33t Pakistani H4x0rZ,


we are PAKbugs, We keep it real:
   Greetz: Zombie_Ksa | spo0feR | xOOmxOOm | Cyber-Criminal | bh | Agd_Scorp | aB0 m0h4mM3d | The Moorish | Shadow008 |

Its sad that government website was hacked, but whatever he said on defaced page . . . I totally agree to it.

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