How to activate facebook timeline – NOW

Facebook is going to roll out facebook timeline feature for all the users in coming days. Currently the timeline feature is available on facebook too but needs some steps to activate it.

To summarize, you need to have facebook developer account + developer skills abit to activate facebook timeline for your account.

However, making your account facebook developer account and the steps to activate facebook timeline are pretty simple.

To activate facebook timeline NOW before it’s rolled out to general public, follow these steps. Let me know if you feel any difficulty.

How to activate new Facebook timeline

1. Login to your facebook account

2. Goto Facebook Developers Page – Join it / activate it by on screen instructions normally.

3. Once you’re in app as a developer, create a new app following next steps:

4. Click create a new App

5. Give it a name and namespace (I named mine: nabtimeline), agree to terms and click continue

6. on the next page, chose: “Open Graph” from left menu

7. You will see 2 input boxes followed by “get started” button on this page. Simply enter “write” and “letter” in those boxes and press “get started”

8. You don’t need to change anything on all 3 pages, just click “save changes and next” button at the end of the page (all 3 of them and “Save changes and finish” on the last page ) We’re done with our application now.

9. Goto homepage again (not developer homepage). You will see an invitation on top to upgrade to facebook timeline! (logout and login if you don’t see at first)

10. Activate facebook timeline and keep this in mind: you can see timelined profiles of those who have activated facebook timeline for their profiles in the same way.

Let me know if you have any queries or difficulties while activating facebook timeline feature.

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  1. Facebook loves to make changes :) I likes-it looks different but attractive. Instead of reacting to fbk changes better we relax and enjoy the ride..The upgrades will never end..and for people is available too.

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