Template Monster preview server always down!

Well, this post is just to discuss my experience with templatemonster.com template preview server issue.

Over last many months I have been noticing that the server is extremely slow! almost always! and today, well it’s absolutely down!

We can understand that there is alot of load on their server all the time and this may cause them to go down but still! They should do something about it!

No doubt they have one of the best templates available out there! but errors? for months! ? comeon dude! are you serious about the business????

When trying to reach template monster “click here to see live demo of this template” the webpage keeps on loading for some time and then gives this error:

The connection has timed out

The server at cms.template-help.com is taking too long to respond.

I tried previewing almost 20 templates and none of them loaded! result? I closed the site and may not return to preview any template for next few months again!

Don’t you think this is causing them a loss? losing many potential customers just because they can’t preview ?

How can anyone purchase something before previewing it!

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