Problem with Ufone sms – sending failed

Have you noticed sending failed error on ufone (Pakistan) network these days?

I’ve been noticing various errors in ufone service from past couple of months. Whenever they provide any new package, some of the service goes bad! Recently they announced free 24 hour calls after 2 minutes till 14th November, and then there are multiple sms sending failures. Also, the unlimited 24 hour call after 2 minutes also lasts for 1 hour only! Why publicize something that is not real or why to say 24 hour when it’s only 1 hour?

Telecommunication service provider in Pakistan are trying to provide cheapest and competition services in Pakistan, but this is also affecting their quality of service. They should focus on improving the quality too rather than just trying to reduce the rates!

Tip: whenever you send some important sms, do make sure that it’s status is sent + delivered

5 comments on “Problem with Ufone sms – sending failed

  1. a.o.a! me ufone ki sim use krta hu. PR an kal mera SMS nhi ho RHA please problem them kr de. requested to all.

  2. Salam sir mery sim sy msgs send nhe hoty receive mje sary msgs hoty hn lkn send me ek msg b nh kr skti or yeh 2 3 dino se ho rhi hai mere sth

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