United Bank Limited Pakistan – Unreliable crashed system

This is not the first time it happened with UBL. Every week or 2 weeks their system goes down and the same thing happened this time too. No not today, but for last couple of days due to which I thought about writing this review.

I received payments from 2 clients for which I had to deliver the product. Now, they had proof that they’ve sent the payment and their bank had cleared it too, but there was no sign of the money in my account at united bank limited, Pakistan, for 2 days now.

I tried calling the their helpline and the person after verifying my details said simply that there was no payment received in your account and cut the call.

After that, I kept calling for hours (in working hours) and the call wasn’t accepted by them. I tried other phones too, same response. Which partially proves that they know their system has crashed.

United Bank online banking website is usually down for atleast 1 day per week. ATM? well, half of them are found dead or with system issues.

I don’t know why are they using so faulty system and apparatus. Last time I contacted them to tell that their online banking have serious bug and flaw too!

You would be asking why I am using UBL then? well because of several unfortunate reasons, but also coz other banks in the country aren’t very good too! Banks have monopoly and are having fun with it.

In this situation, when a person is stuck for many days, just because of buggy and faulty bank code and equipment, who’s responsible for the loss in business? I had to forward payment to a client from the ones I received. How can I send it now? and I don’t wanna try depositing more money by hand in my branch just to experience the same situation.

United Bank is simply pathetic. I think its’ time to leave this crappy and almost a scammy bank aside and move on to some other one.

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