Facebook tour – rolled out new status privacy control

Today while browsing facebook randomly facebook upgraded my account to include the new inline privacy control and asked me if I want to have its tour. The message said:

New: Control privacy inline—when you post or after

To make privacy simpler we made some changes including creating this new tool, removing and updating some settings, and giving you a clear, inline control for who sees your posts.

Upon selecting the option to take the tour, the beautiful tour of the new feature began. You can view the images below to see the step wise tutorial for the new control feature rolled out by facebook at the end of August 2011.

In the first step Facebook asked me to tell them who i’m with :\ and said:

Say who you’re with

Use this button to tag people to say who you’re with. You can tag anyone. When you (or others) add tags, the people tagged and their friends may see the post too. You can choose to review tags others add to your stuff.
I can add my location in it too if i wan’t you to know the place I am at.

Add location to your posts?

To easily say where you are, you can add your current city or neighborhood to your posts, or add a specific place. You can turn this on or off at any time.

Next is when it allows you to select who to share this status with and who to hide it from, in a much improved way now.

Control privacy when you post—or after

Use this to manage who can see and comment on posts you share, including ones with location, if you add it. When you change this setting, it will stay how you set it for future posts until you change it again. Posts (including check-ins) from old mobile Facebook apps will use your new default privacy setting.

Also, we’ve changed the label for “Everyone” to “Public,” but your posts will still reach the same people.

Press done and the tutorial is done!

Hopefully the new update to facebook will be positive, and now a nightmare to the users!

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