Unlock iPad 2

Jailbreaking Ipad 2 and other apple devices is pretty simply by just going to jailbreakme.com on the device running IOS (ipad, ipad 2, apple iphone etc) and goto the bottom of front page and done!

Unlock ipad 2 allows you to install any app you like on your apple ipad 2 and also access its file system which was previously done by using computer and a download program. You simply plug in the apple device and work from there.

US federal law says that jailbreaking iPad 2 is legal.

But just because jailbreaking ipad 2 is legal now doesn’t mean that Apple is happy about it and supports it!

The current jailbreak exploit works by using the safari’s PSD decoder to run the code as safari opens pdf’s automatically. But apple might close this hole soon in any next update for security purposes too :\

Ok you read it, but do you think it’s correct? unlocking iPad 2 via the pdf exploit is possible?

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