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Unlock / Jailbreak / upgrade Iphone 2g/3g/3gs In Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan

Many people get iphone and it to get jail broken or unlocked or some times upgrading their software but get stuck at some point or are un aware of where to start from!

apple-iphone-firmware-20-jailbreakWell, there are some guys in Islamabad, rawalpindi , Pakistan who can help the locals here for very less charges.

Please note, this is not intended to publicize any illegal iphone infringement. If you are the real owner of the iphone and bought it from abroad, uk or usa, etc  and want it to be unlocked for this country, or just want extra freedom for the device that you own and want to jailbreak it etc, then you can use their services to get it done hopefully legally, coz doing whatever with the device that you paid for is not illegal.

Other than that, if you need new applications installed, or any issue related to iphone too, you can use the services and get guidance from them.

So if you want to unlock iphone in Pakistan, or get jailbreak iPhone in Pakistan you can contact me through commenting here on this post or via contact us page to get the info and link to those guys. You can also comment on this blog post for this reason, specially if you live in rawalpindi / islamabad, Pakistan and want to get your iPhone unlocked in Islamabad or rawalpindi.

Price ranges from 1000 to 5000 Pakistani rupee depending upon the situation and requirement (unlocking iphone or jailbreaking iphone or upgrading it to latest firmware)

111 Responses to Unlock / Jailbreak / upgrade Iphone 2g/3g/3gs In Rawalpindi, Islamabad, Pakistan

  1. farii


    • Nabeel

      lol@ farii?? why r u sad?

  2. bahjut

    dude are u sure it will work …give me your location or cell no so i can visit u

    • Nabeel

      i am in islamabad. Give me your cell number i will contact you

    • Nabeel

      unlock for latest iOS 4.0 now available. contact me for details

      • babar

        contaavt me tomorrow plz i can sale my iphone

        • babar

          my number is ************

        • Nabeel

          do you still intend to sell your iPhone?

  3. Ahsen

    I have iphone 3g 8GB with AT&T SIM and want to get it unlocked. Plaese advice me.

    • Nabeel

      Ahsen, where do you live?

      • Ahsen

        I am in Islamabad

        • Nabeel

          i can do it for you if you want my services. I live in Islamabad

  4. Umar

    Hi dear..Yar give me ur cntact numbr.My iphone is hanged..:-(
    i’ve searchd allovr intrnet.None was useful.Plz help me.
    My contact is 03335816064

    • Nabeel

      msged on your cell number.

    • Nabeel

      unlock for latest iOS 4.0 now available. contact me for details.

  5. M.Mansoor

    hi there!

    im looking forward to have an iphone 3g or 3gs. So kindly contact me about it.


    • Nabeel

      Which city are you from?

    • Nabeel

      unlock for latest iOS 4.0 now available. contact me for detail

  6. M.Mansoor

    im in Peshawar pakistan

    • Nabeel

      contacted you on your cell number.

  7. Saima

    I was using iPhone 3G with firmware 3.1.2 and I updted it via itunes to 3.1.3 firmware thn it wasn’t working.There was this option to restore back to the previous settings ,which i did.Now i get the message that sim is not supported.
    HELP !! !

    • Nabeel

      You need to unlock your iphone to make this sim work on it. Please let me know if you want my service in unlocking/jailbreaking your iphone.

    • Nabeel

      unlock for latest iOS 4.0 now available. contact me for details..

  8. Saima

    Can you downgrade 05.12 baseband for iPhone 3g with firmware 3.1.2 for sim unlocking? any updates regarding this weird problem?

    • Nabeel

      nops, not yet, new patches are being developed and launched these days, so just hold on until some appropriate on is out.

  9. s.a.raza

    i want to unlock the 3g iphone.i m at rwp.cell no. ********.

    • Nabeel

      what’s your firmware version?

  10. islamabad

    i have visited to this site and get the latest news up date.

    • Nabeel

      which site sir? and news update regarding?

  11. Asim

    Dear Nabeel,
    I have 3GS it got locked as I ran upgradation software.Can you please do the needful.I will appreciate if you send me a mail giving your contact details to enable me deliver the iphone.


    • Nabeel

      Sure. I have email you from my email id on your yahoo messenger.

    • Nabeel

      unlock for latest iOS 4.0 now available contact me for detail

      • Ozzy

        Hi, are you referring to iphone4, can you unlock this phone for me, I had AT&T SIM card. Now I am in islamabad and need to unlock this phone so I can use UFONE SIM . Can you help ????

        • Nabeel

          an email has been sent to your email id associated with this comment.

  12. nimu

    hey nabeel…i have a locked iphone and want you to unlock it…kindly tel me the charges for that…do i also need to bring the at&t sim or you can unlock widout it? my cell is 0323.*******…plz contact me …its urgent ..

    • Nabeel

      Hello nauman, sure i can help you out. Sent an sms on your cell number.

      • Kashif

        Hi Nabeel, i’ve got a problem wid my iphone 3G 16GB, it wz already unlocked and jailbroken before i updated it, i updated it from 3.0.1 to 3.1.3 but now i’m getting the error in itunes “sim card not supported” and i can only make emergency calls. can yu help me wid dat? my cell no. is 0323-******and email manibravo_**** at hotmailcom. plz contact me, thx.

        • Nabeel

          Kashif, sorry for very late response! did you get your iphone fixed?

  13. Saima

    So now can you unlock iphone 3g with 3.1.3 firmware and 05.12 baseband?

    • Nabeel

      hi Saima, sorry for very late response, i was not stably available these days . . .

      did you get your iphone fixed?

  14. Kashif

    Hi Nabeel, im also having problems wid my 3G 16GB phone, i accidentaly updated it from 3.0.1 to 3.1.3. it wz already unlocked and jailbroken before i updated it, but now i’m getting the error in itunes “sim card not supported”. i can only make SOS calls. can yu help me plz? my cell no. is ********* and email manibravo_**** at hotmailcom.

    i’ll appreciate yur help, thx.

    • Nabeel

      did you get your iphone fixed kashif? if not then please let me know

      • Moazzam

        Hi, I am also facing the same problem like Kashif… if anyone can fix my iphone then do leme know… 0321-******

        • Nabeel

          hello moazzam, hopefully i can fix it up for you.

        • Nabeel

          contacted you on phone.

  15. sheikhs

    i am using iphone 3.13 version and i want 2 unlocked this kindly send me ur adreess i m living in rwp

    • sheikhs

      my cell number 0334******* kindly reply me

      • Nabeel

        message sent on your cell number.

  16. Vakas

    I want to get my iPhone 3GS unlocked and Jailbroken.
    My contact no. is ***********

    • Nabeel

      hello vakas

      what’s your firmware version? and where do you live ?

  17. Saquib

    hi i i just went thru ur post…thats a good job ur doin. My issue is a little different becuz i did the …RESET ALL SETTINGS…accidently :) and now listen here i am right now on the verge of doing an upgrade to 3.1.3 from 3.1.2 obviously by holding the power and home button…so before i can bring it to you should i do the iTunes upgrade to 3.1.3 or just keep it off in 3.1.2 and you can handle it from here. So all the contacts and data should be there lets suppose :) its a 7D11
    plz lemme know abt the cost BREAKDOWN as well my email is

    • Nabeel

      no no no! never upgrade! dude! comeon! bring it with 3.1.2! if u upgrade via itunes u may lose it …

      i’ve mailed on your id too. just don’t do anything with it or atleast don’t upgrade it via itunes!

  18. umar

    hi nabeel . you are going a great job . actually my problem is lil different . i bought an iphone 3gs jailbreak phone from islamabad as i live here . it is working perfectly fine and i have a telenor connection . now the problem is i have to travel abroad and i want to take my phone with me . i will be going to america for a month and then london for 2 weeks . so what can i do that i can use it in both the countries as well as when i come back to pakistan . please i need your suggestion urgently :(

    • Nabeel

      there are 3 options apparently.

      1. You can use the same cell with sims over there (as its unlocked so any sim will work) but the chances are that your imei can be caught and if this was the stolen reported set (which they usually are) then you are gone! boom!

      2. second is, factory unlock your iphone. This costs bit more (nearly 10,000 )

      3. Get another set! simple as halwa! :D

  19. Hasan

    DO u have AT&T sim? I need to activate my iphone. I would do jailbreakign and unlocking my self. Plesase its very urgent. regards
    my cell number is ********… drop me a text with subject, if possible so that I may contact u… thanx in advance

    • Nabeel

      sms sent on your cell number Hasan.

  20. arshman khalid

    hello nabeel..
    dude i wana ask u dat i have 3gs which was stollen on a contract and havin version 3.1.3 can it b unlocked my cell # *********** plz contact me


    • Nabeel

      yes it can be unlocked.

      smsed on ur cell no.

  21. m bilal

    hi nabeel give me your contact no i got two two iphones 16gb and 32gb both 3gs need to unlock reply me via e mail thanks

  22. m bilal

    my e mail is *******@hotmail.com

    • Nabeel

      email sent on the email id associated with this comment

  23. zain

    i want to buy a 2nd hand goood condition i phone 2g 8gb/4gb.prise within 8000 to 12000

    • Nabeel

      where do you live zain?

  24. Saima

    Got my phone unlocked but i am unable to use wi-fi connection.i have a ptcl dsl connection,which is working fine on my bro’s nokia cell but not on my iphone 3g 3.1.3 , firmware 05.11.07.
    wi-fi in setting is set to auto detect.
    It was working perfectly fine n now all of a sudden i cant use wi-fi,but sometimes it shows my wi-fi network connected but even thn i cant use it !
    can u plz help?

    • Ammar

      I can help if fone iz present in Islamabad/pindi.

      • Nabeel

        where do you live Ammar? your help is definitely appreciated.

    • Ammar

      my email is ******at hot mail dot com

    • Nabeel

      did you try restoring it again? maybe some files were corrupt

      • Amaar


        • Nabeel

          sent you an email on your email id.

  25. kamran

    i live in lahore i hv got iphone 3gs ….i need 2 unlock it…any solution 4 this….waiting 4 ur reply thanks

    • Ammar

      If you are interested in selling it do contact me

    • Ammar

      I you want to contact then my email is ****at hot mail dot com

    • Nabeel

      which firmware is your iphone currently?

  26. Nauman

    Do you also upgrade the iphone OS from 3.1.3 to 4.0?

    • Nabeel

      is it currently unlocked or not?

  27. Ammar Haider

    Hi Nabeel, ure doin a great job here. kindly sms me ur cell number. i’m getting an iphone 3g from usa…. will be here any tym next week. so i wud be needing ur services for unlocking it so i can use it here in pakistan. sms me on **********. i’m in islamabad.

    • Nabeel

      sms sent on your cell no.

  28. Ammar Haider

    Txt me ur cell number on **********

  29. Lladro figurines

    if you like to purchase i phone from Dubai please contact me no i have already in dubai but heare are also expencive if you find any cheep i phone lock so i will solve yr problem 100% AND UNLOCK YR I PHONE VERY CHEEP RATE BECAUSE WE HAVE AN OFFICIAL SUPPORT PROVIDE IN PAKISTAN.

    • Nabeel

      which city in Pakistan?

    • Nabeel

      waiting, for your response, or may need to remove all your spam comments

  30. ahsan

    hello guys.. can any 1 unlock nokia 6700 classic..
    set comes from uk and having 3 network ..
    i m in islamabad.. plz help

    • Nabeel

      were you able to get it unlocked? let me know if you want the service.

  31. fahad

    Hi Nabeel,

    I need to jail brake my new I phone 3gs version4.0.1

    i am cureently in Dubai can you please let me know is that is possible..my moblne number is 00971506507878


    • Nabeel

      it’s not currently possible if your iPhone is on new bootrom and / or if you haven’t saved the shsh blob previously

  32. Khizer Hayat Arbab

    I Have iPhone 4 but its lock who will unlock my Phone plz contact me!

    • Nabeel

      email sent to your email id Khizer

  33. nabeel khan

    hi nabeel i have 3gs 4.0.1 new bootrom and i dont have shsh blob can u jailbreak and unlock this one

    • Nabeel

      is your iPhone jailbroken?

      btw, nice name :)

  34. arslan khan

    hi nabeel.im new to iphone.i have buyed iphone 2g with firmware 1.1.1(3A109a).its already unlocked means it take every sim.but when i openinstaller in iphone then it opens then immedialy close also i dnt know how to jail break it plz help me im waiting plzzzzzz.

    • Nabeel

      do you have cydia on your iPhone? maybe the installer app is corrupted

      • arslan

        no yar no cydia.when i open installer it imedialy closed there is no cydia.in it who i jailbreak it can i update it to latest firmver through itunes if it will crreate problems ???

        • Nabeel

          is your issue solved now?

  35. Ayesha

    Hey I upgraded my iPhone through ltunes now da simcard doesnot work on it can you helpm me unlocking it

    • Nabeel

      do you live in Islamabad? and what’s your iPhone model?

  36. Vakas

    iPhone 4. At firmware 4.0.2
    Can any body unlock it. If yes reply me.

    • Nabeel

      is it still locked?

  37. arslan khan

    hey wht abt my prob yarrr

  38. Ali

    Hi,how much does it cost to unlock I-phone4 brought from England,also pls email ur no and location

    • Nabeel

      is your iPhone still locked Ali?

  39. usman

    hi i have iphone 4 and 3gs in pak… what is your cell num?

    • Nabeel

      0336 *******

  40. fahad

    i wanna jailbreak iphone4.watz the price for jailbreaking?

    • Dr. Nabeel

      1000 rs for jailbreaking

  41. Farhan

    Hay , i have iphone 3gs , i upgraded it to version 6.1.6 n unlocked , but its showing no service mean not picking sim after upgrade … Can u tell me solution ?

    • Nabtron

      Which version you upgraded your iPhone 3gs from Farhan? and which method you used to upgrade it?

      • Farhan

        Upgraded from itunes and the ex version was 4.1 and now new version is 6.1.6

        • Nabtron

          oh ok, so your iPhone wasn’t factory unlocked before? its locked and you’ll have to jailbreak it again

  42. Sajjad

    I want to jailbreak my iphone5 what’s your address
    Am presently in Peshawar

    • Nabtron

      contact Talibans to break a Jail in Peshawar :/

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