Why clients always feel they’re charged extra! (and we feel opposite!)

Today I billed one of my client (and a good friend) for the tasks that were performed for him in last few weeks and it turned out to be almost 1000$ and in return he said “yaar aap tou mazaq mazaq mai hi itna kama letay ho” (dude you earn so much in just fun and random stuff!) and I was like! man?

Well I was thinking that I am charging him low because he is a very respectable and old friend and client of mine, and he was still considering that I’m getting too much!

Well, to be honest, even if we get 1000$ for an hour’s task, we will think it as low and will demand 1100 next time and so on . . . the demand never stops.

We are living in this material world, not our fault! that’s what we are doing and learning all around us. . .

Well, it’s good to take reasonable amount for your work done, but over charging is not a good thing though! and I seriously take that in consideration when I’m dealing with them!

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