Blogging ideas on your brothers wedding!

Do you know my brother is getting married? Yeah! thanks! :) Here instead of giving you live coverage of the event I’ll prefer sharing some blogging tips!

So you wanna know some of the ideas you can have to get fabulous topics on your brothers wedding ceremony? think! think! think!

Ok lemme help you then! here are a few of the topic types:

1. analyze all the cell phones your family and friends at wedding have and make posts reviewing them

2. record their video reviews about the gadgets and upload it on youtube and blog

3. ask them to give you topics! yeah! (also invite them to your blog!)

4. ask and listen to common problems people there are having related to your blog niche! and then post them!

I know it’s not a big list when it comes to listing, but it’s a big one when it comes to follow! So! what ya thinking?

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