Windows Live Messenger for iPhone Released by Microsoft

Finally the moment has arrived! looks like microsoft users now realized that there is some thing called iPhone in the world too and they need to build an app for it too! :) Today Microsoft finally released the official Windows Live Messenger for iPhone App.Oh and btw, this one is free and available (infact desperately waiting) to be downloaded from Apple iTunes app store.

With all the great features (almost) of the desktop chat client by microsoft for windows live mail account holders (ya the hotmail ones) the Windows Live Messenger for iPhone app also allows you to chat with both Windows live (hotmail) and Yahoo! friends and contacts. Not only this but you can also connect with your friends and groups on other social networking sites like facebook, myspace, flickr and youtube etc.

Do you know with the new Microsoft windows live messenger for iPhone you can also receive instant message notifications even when your app is closed so when ever you turn on the app and login you will receive the offline IM messages! (unlike the mac os version of live messenger which don’t show the offline messages! )

This app is not only a messenger app but also a complete windows live mail / hotmail account manager application for iPhone. It lets you access your hotmail account / windows live mail account without closing the app (remaining logged into the messenger ofcourse!) and you can read and reply to your emails through this iPhone apps and can compose new emails to your contacts too. You will also receive new email notifications as it is in the desktop client of windows live messenger, so you never miss any new email message when you are logged into your hotmail account on iPhone.

Download Microsoft Windows Live Messenger for iPhone

The windows live messenger app can be downloaded from the App store (confirmed at US App store) absolutely for free from following download link:

Download Windows Live Messenger for iPhone by Microsoft

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  1. Great great, many people around the work use Windows Live Messenger… now could they make a Mac version that isn’t so ####-tastic? Adium ECLIPSES Windows Live Messenger as a usable messaging client, and plugins that people have made ‘in their spare time’ for things like video chat, work better that the official version.

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