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Zong MMS settings for Android (Pakistan) gprs / edge

This post explains the gprs/edge and mms settings for zong network in Pakistan for android. The settings are provided by

To setup mms on android using zong network, enter these settings (as posted by Sajid Zaman) :

Add an access point with the name:

Name: zonginternet
APN: zonginternet
Port: 8000
(All are blank)
MMS Proxy:
MMS Port: 8000

MCC: 410
MNC: 04

(MMC and MNC should be automatically set, if valuese are not the same then you can change it as above)

Authentication type:
APN type: internet + mms

This will make internet and mms both working on android enabled device.

I am using Samsung GTI-5700 (Galaxy Spica)

6 Responses to Zong MMS settings for Android (Pakistan) gprs / edge

  1. shuja

    what about setting on HTC 2GB will it work there

    • Nabeel

      they should! please let me know if they worked for you.

    • ri3wan

      Same setting in HTC , Qmobile, Voice any android sets available in Pakistan

      • Nabtron

        W/s Rizwan, they should work on them! are you asking or telling him? :)

  2. nadem

    i can not recived internet sating for sonyericksson c 905 plz send me sating

    • Nabeel

      aren’t the above mentioned settings working for your handset?

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