Having buy sell ads and adsense together on one blog

So your blog got approved by buysellads ? Congratulations! Now the first question that comes to many adsense using webmasters is that is buysellads allowed along with adsense. No one likes their adsense banned! Well the short answer to this is that yes, having buy sell ads and adsense together on one blog is allowed, […]

Infolinks Bugs & Errors – not fixed on reporting too

I’ve been using infolinks on nabtron for couple of months now but there is an issue of broken links in their ad code. I’ve tried notifying the staff about the issue, received an email from them appreciating it, but then the code still has the broken link. Infolinks javascript calls a file supposed to be […]

Smowtion spreading viruses possibly

I’ve been using smowtion for a couple of days now and have found it to be full of issues . . . Today, I noticed an add saying “click here to download plugin”. Now wait a minute. Why would smowtion allow such an ad which don’t even tell anything and is clearly disguising the visitors […]

Technorati media allows ads in iframe

Yesterday I implemented technorati ads on our blog and found out that technorati ads are very slow to load (at least for me) . The page had to stop loading before the content of the ad loads completely and then the content was shown. This was really alarming for me as it took 5-6 seconds […]

Technorati Media Ads load slow

Please note, I’m not writing this post to “Declare” that technorati ads load slow. Instead, I’ve noticed them to be loading slow for me on nabtron.com, so I wanted to share my experience and wanted to get opinions from you Are the ads on header and sidebar loading slow for you? Do you use technorati […]