Change Facebook photo albums privacy settings

Facebook provides you the ability to change the album privacy settings to hide them from the people who you don’t want to see them.

To change the facebook privacy settings for your images and photo albums, follow these steps:

1. Login to Facebook profile

2. Goto Album privacy settings

To reach facebook photo albums privacy settings page, follow this method:

  • goto <top – right menu> > Account > privacy settings
  • on privacy settings page find customize settings
  • once on the customize settings page find¬†Edit album privacy for existing photos.¬†(you can click on the given link to go there directly)

This page will list the albums you have on facebook profile with all your images in it, including display images.

3. Change album privacy settings

On this page you can change individual albums privacy settings. You can select either you want all your friends to see the album, friends of friends, everyone, or click customize to change it to be visible to only a few friends, or hide it from specific people, or keep it for yourself only by selecting the only me option.

4. Check and confirm

Check the album settings if you are not sure yet, through any of your friends profile to confirm. If you have hidden some album from them they will get error if they try opening it through the direct link saying “This content is currently unavailable”.

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