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Complaint against Zong – Dishonesty, Fraud and Fake marketing

One of the visitor named Mazhar Ali kazmi, commented on the post about how to activate zong sim about his experience with zong network in Pakistan. here is the comment that he made:

Dear Sir or Madam:
I am an old customer of Mobilink and have been using Jazz connection from so long. On 07/07/2010, I got a telephone call from a representative of your company. His name is “Mr. Waleed” and is working in your head office Islamabad.
He asked me to shift my number from Mobilink to Zong without changing my present number. He gave me the following incentives.
1- The outgoing call rate would be Rs.0.67/minute any time any network.
2- After activation of Zong sim, on first load of card of worth Rs.100/-, I will get 100 free minutes and 100 free sms. In this connection, he told that after loading such card, when I call to a Zong number, nothing would be deducted from my account unless and until I finish the 100 free minutes.
I agreed and asked him the dispatch the sim, which he did and I got Zong sim on 13/07/2010. I activated the sim on 15/07/2010 and talked to a friend of mine having a Zong number but I was stunned when I checked my account balance after ending the call,
1- The call was charged even if I called at a Zong number and I was not provided the free minutes.
2- The call was charged at Rs.1.51/minute.
To be very bold and straightforward, it’s the height of dishonesty and malafide attitude on part of Zong, such a high profile company. You are also doing the same, which the other companies are doing, cheating the customers. This is just because of lack of application of law in our country. I now simply request you as under:
1- Provide me with the privilege, which I was told to be provided by your marketer namely Mr. Waleed.
2- If you refuse to do it, then shift me again to my old service provider ie Mobilink.
I hope to have a prompt and positive response; otherwise I will not only publish the matter in the newspapers but I also reserve my rights to pursue against you in a court of competent jurisdiction.

Syed Mazhar Ali Kazmi
Cell: 03009402183

I am not sure what could be the issue behind this. Is it legitimate request or just some misunderstanding / lie at the level of that marketing person only.

28 Responses to Complaint against Zong – Dishonesty, Fraud and Fake marketing

  1. Shahid

    Almost same thing happened to me. A zong employee caused me loss due to his lack of knowledge and nagligance for which I had to pay.

    I have been using zong prepaid for some time then I started using internet apps on my mobile i.e. google earth so I went to zong office to activate postpaid service with flat rate internet charges. There CSR (Aqib Shahzad) said that I should use flat rate package on my prepaid package saying that it will cost me same. This in fact would have cost me twice. I spend more than 10 minutes explaining him the same.

    However when after activation, I enabled internet on my phone, next day all my deposit vanished and they told me that flat rate package was never activated.

    I registered my complaint and Aqib Shahzad turned out to be a big liar when they told me that he reported his denied that I ever requested for flat rate GPRS package. I rarely make any call therefore postpaid package was worthless to me without flat rate GPRS. Why would a person use up all of his security deposit in one day? Plus forgetting a 10 minutes conversation is not possible therefore he intentionally lied to his company or zong itself in involved in robbing people.

    After three months of my numerous complaints (during which I talked to many people at 310) Mr. Asim (from 310) said that although he agrees that the mistake was on their part but they are not able to refund my money. He also insulted me by saying that he can give my money out of his pocket. (I dont care about money, I want you to face consequences of fraud so that you may think before doing the same to other customers.)

    I advise everybody either not to use Zong services or otherwise, do not trust zong employees because they don’t have complete information of their own products, they make mistakes for which customer has to pay and they also never refund even if it is their mistake.

    CSC ID: CFISB00003
    Date of sale: 25-10-2010

    • Nabtron

      Well it’s really important that people understand their rights and power. They do all this to us because they know people avoid hassle and give up easily!

      Good luck in getting your right from Zong!

  2. Hadiqa

    0315-4495602 this number disturbing me seriously plz take an action against this number plz sir dont ignore this complain
    Your sister

    • Nabeel

      Tauqir, why do you want this guy’s number to be blocked?

      • Tauqir

        i want to block this guy number because he disturbing me continuelsy and seriously

        • Nabtron

          you can block any number directly from your cell phone settings too imho, depending upon your cell phone options

    • ZIFAH

      hadiqa u can block the if your operator providing that

      • Nabtron

        calling zong service center might help!

  3. shabbir

    Zong is a fraud network in pakistan, my sim is not used last month and after one month i started the sim and load the balance of rupees 100. aftere few minutes my balance is zerooooooooo.when i told helpline customer care officer he not replyed my answer and disconnect the call

    • Nabtron

      Really Shabbir? that is so pathetic if it’s true!

      did you try calling zong service center again and did they sort out the issue?



    • Nabtron

      Rana you will have to report this number to zong service center

  5. syed rashid hussain

    Dear Sir and Madam:
    Men Warid tel ka connection use kar raha tha men ne zong port in kay liay request aik retailer kay through jin ka name nadeem anjum hay forward karawai aur mujhay sim issue hogae yeh taqreeban 28/11/2011 kay din ka waqia hay ya is kay qareeb qareeb men final time and date nahin bata sakta magar woh din november kay akhri dinon men se aik tha after 4 days men dobara retailer kay pass gaya hon aur un se kaha kah na to warid ki sim invalid abhi tak band nahin huwi jabkah 3 working days men sim band hojati hay unhon ne zong ki help line pe call kia wahan se yeh jawab mila kah app ki sim dusri bar port in kay liay forward huwi hay jo kah hum nahin karsaktay is kay liay apko is number per call karna hogi woh number apkay kissi officer ya supervisor se bat huwi aur doran e call hi line drop hogae bat mukammal na hossaki magar un officers ka mamnoon hon men unhon ne 310 help line se aik femaile officers kay through mujhay call karwai jinhon ne mujh se meri forward ki gae maloomat kay mutaliq mujh se tasdeeq aur re confirmation chahi mene unhen sub malomat avail ki jis kay bad unhon ne mujh se kaha kah app ko 2 working day kay bad sim by corrier apkay home addres per mosool hojae gi janab e man aik hafta guzar janay kay bad bhi sim mujhay mosool na huwi jabkah warid ki sim with in 2days block hogae mene apki nazdeeki farnchise gaya apna masla bayan kia magar un ki taraf se meray sath koi tawun na kia gaya help line pe dobara call kia 3 se 4 martaba mukhtalif ceel phone se jo kah zong connection they koshish karnay kay bad mera rabita huwa un mohtarma se aur unhon ne meri request dobara forward ki is doran moharamul harram ki tateelat hogen in tateelat kay bad zong ki sim dated 10/12/11 ko tcs ka numainda meray ghar tashreef lae magar men ghar pe maujud na tha woh apna cell phone number likh kar aick chitt per aur apna name day gae us time maghrib ki namaz horahi thi jab mosoof ae hen mene next day sunday ko us se cell phone per rabita kia un mosoof ne farmaya kah aaj sunday hay kall app hamary office men vist karlen men monday ko 12/12/11 ko un kay dafatar waqe housing colony near total petrol pump disst sheikhupura gaya to wahan pata challa unhon ne sim wapis bhijwadi hay mene apkay numinday aur us kay bad supervisor se rabita kia un se yeh mattar discuss kia jis per unhon ne faramaya kah hum tcs kay masla per apki koi com[plaint note nahin karen gay sim apko harai farnchise per jakar millay ga app yeh karawai jo huwi hay us kay mutaliq un se kahen woh apko sim issue karden gay kall men faranchise gaya hon unhon ne kaha kah hum apko mubligh 50 rupees kay evis nai sim sim issue karskatay hen magar free sim nahin den gay sim to ab men phasa rupee ki layu lon ga magar 2 se 3 week ki bhag dor aur senkron rupees karaya wa deegar asraf men laga kar bhi mujhay sim 50 ki nai issue karana pare gi to kia faida huwa itni tago doo ka jabkah zong ne paisa lagay sim meray ghar tak pohanchanay kay liay mohtranma yeh ia systenm hay kah itnay dinon ki khawai kay bad bhi mujhay abhi tak sim nahin mil saki waqat aur paisa bhi barbad huwa apka bhi aur mera bhi aur problem solve nahin huwa kahen yeh saza to nahin mijhay mil rahi zong per ajanay ki aisa hall kartay hen app logon ga apnay network per bula kar itna khmion se bhara system hay ap logon ka yeh woh sawal hen jin ka jawab na mujhay pehlay milla hay aur na hi ab umeesd hay kah ap ki taraf se koi hall niklay ga mene apna kam kardia hay ab apki duty hay masala hall farmaen.

    Dua Go

    Syed Rashid Hussain



    • Nabtron

      your story is very long and interesting! (I read it all! phew! :D)

      But you have to tell that to their customer service Sir!

      did you get your zong sim finally??

  6. amir

    your manager in blue area isb iz not good his attitude is bad to customer

    • Nabtron

      Do you know his exact name Amir?

  7. adnan babar

    iam not satisfied your services plz call adnan babar 03002385784

    • Nabtron

      Looks like alot of people are not satisfied with zong service!

  8. naina

    zong company hamare numbers ki malumat ini easily dosron ko kese de rahi ha

    • Nabtron

      who did they gave your numbers information to? please elaborate!

  9. naina

    muje apne numbers seal karne hain ek shaks mera number zong use kar raha hai but how it can possible

    • Nabtron

      please call zong service center for that Naina :)

  10. Shanza

    03123872439….plzz sir he vry dirty & Cheap guy and action u

    • Nabtron

      Shanza please call zong service center to solve the issue

  11. faheem kalim

    Zong service is the worst service of all network. Their representative are also worst. They could not have sense how to talk with customer. Don,t use zong.

    • Nabtron

      what was your complain against their service and what happened?

  12. arshad

    I loaded the balance of 500 from 350 balance remaining balance on my mobile after some time my balance becomes zero I don’t know what happens company don’t give me response nor resolve my issue Arshad

    • Nabtron

      you might have turned on some packages? or 3g maybe?

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