Motorola StarTAC – First mobile to have vibrate feature

Motorola StarTAC was the first mobile phone which introduced vibrate feature in cell phones (and was held patent by motorolla) . It was released on January 3rd, 1996 and is the first clamshell (flip close) mobile phone. It is the successor of MicroTAC cell phone which was a semi-clamshell design launched in 1989. PC World put StarTAC in the 50 greatest gadgets of the past 50 years in 2005.

First Vibrating Phone – Motorola StarTAC

The key features of the original StarTAC 1996 model included:

  • SMS text message
  • clamsehell design
  • 88 gram (3.1 ounces)
  • Optional lithium ion battery (most phones at that time used NiMH batteries)
  • Vibrating Call (vibracall), vibrating alert feature for the first time in cell phones.

Motorola StarTAC was revivied in 2004 South Korean market with these features:

  • 128 x 160 262 TFT color LCD
  • 64 channel sound
  • Mobile banking feature supported by SK telecom
  • 2,800 entry contact book

Another version of the phone with 18k gold directional keypad was released as StarTAC 2004 SE

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