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Custom Boot logo changing app for iPhone

This tutorial explains how can we install an app simply and use it to change our boot logo for iPhone.

When iPhone is turned on, there is an apple logo which shows up there while loading the iOS. This logo is changed by various methods including when you jailbreak your iPhone then some programs (like pwnage tools) give you option to select a custom logo for your boot screen etc.

However, if you want to change your boot logo, you don’t need to go through the lengthy and risky process of rejailbreaking your iPhone again, rather it can simply be done through a simple application for your iPhone.

To begin with it, your iPhone needs to be jailbroken! ofcourse! Follow these steps to change your boot logo:

  1. Goto cydia app in your iPhone
  2. goto search in cydia app
  3. search for logome app in cydia
  4. install the app
  5. exit cydia
  6. run the logome app
  7. follow onscreen instructions and replace your boot logo!

This way you can now have your own custom boot logo easily on your iPhone!

2 Responses to Custom Boot logo changing app for iPhone

  1. Jacob

    This no longer works man. iOS 3.0 up doesn’t work with this method.

    • Nabeel

      I thought iOS 4 was out ?

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