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How to remove “Welcome to Facebook” from my account

When we first join Facebook, on top of our homepage we are welcomed by Welcome to Facebook ___ followed by your name.

This bar can’t be removed or closed as there is no option to close it. This welcome bar on top of your facebook acount indicates that your account profile isn’t complete yet and need some steps to make your account complete. The bar appears itself once your account information is complete and your account become active.

So the most important step to remove the welcome to Facebook bar automatically is to make your account profile complete and make it active.

How to remove “Welcome to Facebook” from my account

Follow these steps to remove the welcome to Facebook bar on top of your facebook account profile.

  1. Share your status “whats on your mind”
  2. upload a photo, not only main profile display image, add some other images in your album too.
  3. edit your profile and add your information to it. Add as much as you can (depending upon how much information you want to share on your profile)
  4. Add friends that you know. Search the friends that you know by entering their names, email addresses or by using facebook Friends suggestions.

Once these steps are completed, after some time the bar on your facebook homepage saying welcome to facebook should disappear automatically! This will also reduce or stop the irritating captcha’s (specially once you add and verify your cell number)

4 Responses to How to remove “Welcome to Facebook” from my account

  1. Sasha

    It’s been there for 4 months insisting I add people from my contacts list.
    This is getting quite old.
    Any ideas?

    • Nabtron

      4 months is a long time! is facebook still showing you welcome to facebook message? how many friends do you have in your facebook account contact list ?

  2. amber khan

    plz tell me… how can remove in wellcom facebook account in goole?

    • Nabtron

      sorry what do you mean exactly? remove welcome facebook account in google?

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