Facebooks bugs and errors

Not any script is perfect. Here are a few bugs from facebook.

Facebook, the popular social networking site is not free from bugs, like any other script out there.

There are some very sensitive bugs, which I may not share here until exclusively needed or otherwise fixed by facebook some day, however, non-security related bugs and errors can be shared easily.

If you have any bugs or errors (in script, not the concept) of Facebook, the social networking application, please share them via comments!

1. Right to left names not supported on add a friend popup

While browsing through Facebook, I noticed that profile names which are right to left , they are not supported well by Facebook. Usually when you add a friend, it gives a confirmation box for adding them, it works fine, but on some occassions, it asks if you know the person or not (instead of if you want to add or not) and that popup have error in it’s code.

The popup looks like this:

If you send a request to a stranger, it will be considered spam and your friend request will be blocked temporarily. Please only send this request if you know <span dir=’rtl’>?????</span>.

Note the part at the end of the message saying:

<span dir=’rtl’>?????</span>

Definitely an overlooked bug! Although it don’t cause any functional or security issue (atleast directly) but still! it can be fixed easily! if someone from Facebook staff sees it!

2. Hidden pictures are not secure!

One of my friend told me about the issue before too but I noticed it today myself too! (today on 19 November 2010)

What happens is, if you make an album in Facebook and hide all the pictures in it from all the people except a selected few, but still I was able to see them on my news feed once the friend commented on them saying that ___ commented on the photo!

A very serious bug in the Facebook privacy! I removed all my partially hidden pictures from Facebook right away!

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