Download iWork for Free Officially (Pages, Keynote, numbers)

Very few people know that they can download latest version of iWork for free in 2017, officially.

When I started looking for downloading iWork on my recently bought macbook pro, it was all confusing. I went to the mac app store and it didn’t show any free option to download the iwork apps (including pages, keynote and numbers by apple). If you had the similar situation too, then this article is just for you!

What is iWork?

iWork is a suite by apple, just like office 360 is a suite by microsoft.

iWork includes:

  • Pages
  • Keynote
  • Numbers

How to download latest iWork for free officially

So if you’re wondering how to get pages for free on mac or why is keynote not free on my mac, you will be able to get free keynote for mac free download, full version (not trial) by the end of this tutorial. In fact you’ll be have iWork for mac free download, full version again, not the trial one.

However, we’ll have to start with the iWork 09 trial here. But don’t worry, we won’t be needing to purchase iwork at all, neither do we need to use the iWork 09 serial number :) So lets start!

1. Download iWork 9 from apple and Install

First of all, we need to download iWork 9 from apples server. Why apple server? to confirm that it’s an original version not any hacked or altered one!

Download link for iWork 9 :

( is an Akamai network CDN, used by Apple).

Once downloaded, install the iWork 09 on your mac os system.

Download iWork for Free Pages Keynote numbers

2. Run Any one app from iWork

This step is optional in my opinion, but listing here as I did so.

You can launch Pages by apple by going to Applications > iWork ’09 and simply click Try instead of buy. It will ask for your email id. I entered my email id and unchecked the option to receive emails from apple though.

Download iWork for Free Pages Keynote numbers

3. Launch App Store and update iWork 9 to latest version

Sounds pretty simple right? Simply launch app store and it will show you an option to update iWork apps separately (Pages, Keynote and Numbers). Simply click on update button next to each item or click update all.

update iWork 9 for Free Pages Keynote numbers 3

Note that you need to quit the opened iWork applications (that we did in last step) to continue.

update iWork 9 for Free Pages Keynote numbers

Note that we need to quit the app and click continue. Do NOT click on skip keynote or page or numbers (any app that’s open).

4. Delete old iWork 9 and use latest Pages, Keynote and Numbers

Confirm that the latest iWork apps, pages, keynote and numbers are installed in your applications folder. You might see both latest apps and also the iWork ’09 folder in your applications folder.

Download iWork for Free Pages Keynote numbers 2017

If that’s so, we can simply delete the old iWork 9 apps and continue using the latest iWork apps that we just downloaded for free!

This method to download iWork for free (including pages, keynote and numbers) has been tested and verified by me on my macbook pro running MacOS Sierra (December 2016, should work perfectly in 2017 too).

6 comments on “Download iWork for Free Officially (Pages, Keynote, numbers)

  1. hi there
    i followed every step but pages, numbers and keynote is not showing in my app store. what do i do?

  2. Did not work for me. Went to the App Store and had to option to update Keynote and others but the circle that shows it’s downloading, spins and spins and spins and…..

  3. I can’t see step 3, because I had previously do the update before I reformat my Mac. Now I only see them as Incompatible Update. the apps in iWork doest work

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