Facebook – Account Temporarily Unavailable

Today while trying to login to my facebook account, I constantly failed for couple of hours!

At first when I tried logging into the account it said that there is some maintenance going on to the facebook.com and that’s why the account is not available. However, it still gave me the password input field, which although didn’t work as it kept me bringing to the same page after retry.

Facebook Upgrade – Account Temporarily Unavailable

Now, after couple of hours when I tried logging in again I was shown a Account Temporarily Unavailable page by Facebook.

The page said this:

Account Temporarily Unavailable

Your account is currently unavailable due to a site issue. We expect this to be resolved shortly. Please try again in a few minutes.

I am not sure what type of site issue is on it’s way! I hope Facebook staff didn’t mess anything up while trying to upgrade the site or got caught by any facebook bug! :p

Hopefully Facebook.com will be back up and running soon!

Update: Facebook is back up now!

8 comments on “Facebook – Account Temporarily Unavailable

  1. Facebook has policies to stop behavior that other users may find annoying or abusive. Even if you did not have this intention, Facebook systems have determined that you were repeatedly using the same feature in a short period of time.

    Since you did not adhere to previous warnings, a temporary block was set on your account. Here’s what you should keep in mind about your block:

    * This temporary block will last anywhere from a few hours to a few days.
    * Attempting to use this feature while you are blocked can extend the block.
    * We cannot lift this block for any reason, so please be patient and refrain from using this feature for a few days while waiting for this block to be removed.
    * Once you are allowed to use this feature again, you must significantly slow down or stop this behavior. Further misuse of site features may result in more blocks or your account being permanently disabled.

    1. Lawrence, it’s quite self explanatory,

      they have just limited your account due to misuse of some feature.

      Just stop using it for few days, you will get your account with all features back! It might take 2-4 days.

  2. The most probable reason is that, we violate the rule of Facebook. So Facebook will block your id for few hours or few days.
    Nothing to worry much :-)

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