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Facebook allows to translate comments automatically now – powered by Bing

Facebook now allows you to translate comments on your facebook statuses on your facebook wall.

When you see any message written in any foreign language facebook will show you a link below it saying “See Translation“.


Clicking on the see translation link under you comment will open the translation right below the original comment in the same comment area.


This facebook comment translate service isn’t powered by google translate . . . yes that’t right, its powered by Bing translate by MicroSoft.

Anyway, google or microsoft, it’s a really cool and much wanted feature to understand whats going on your facebook wall and to reply instantly to people talking in any foreign language which you don’t know at all or simply don’t understand that well!

P.S This might be old feature, but today was the first time I noticed and used it! Let me know if you ever used / experienced it before.

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