Group chat not working on facebook

Facebook has changed the way groups were on social networking site. Now the groups have their own features unlike pages. One of the great feature is Facebook Group Chat.

Group members can chat with other facebook group members by facebook group chat. This feature is available to all groups and can’t be turned off.

If your facebook group chat is not working then it can be due to these reasons:

Facebook Group Chat not working – Reasons

1. Group members are 250+

If the number of group members is 250 or more, facebook turns off the group chat feature. So make sure that the group members are below 250 in number (i.e up till 249) You can delete a few if they’re just above 249 and if you’re admin! (if chat is really needed)

2. Your Group chat settings are on

Goto group, Edit settings, and make sure you have checked Send me group chat messages to receive group chat.

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