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How to check wateen remaining balance

Wateen (Pakistan) wimax internet device although gives you flexibility of taking it where every you go, but the bad side is that it’s limited.

Even if you have a monthly package active, it has some limited hours. Or if you are out of the package and now running card to use the internet, you might need to keep a check on your internet usage incase you end up out of bandwidth when you might need it the most.

How to check wateen remaining balance

To check your wateen Pakistan’s internet remaining bandwidth, or to simply goto the user control panel for your wateen wimax account, simply goto:


In case it don’t work for you (which is almost never going to happen) you can try connecting to:

Hope it helps in checking your remaining balance in your account for your wateen internet service!

10 Responses to How to check wateen remaining balance

  1. muhammadfaisal

    our msn is not working so we have to check is thier balance is not finish or is thier something problem in it.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      is only msn not working?

  2. Azhar

    Wateen has again gone bad, I cannot access my balance or recharge from wateen self care. What is wrong with you Wateeni people!

    • Dr. Nabeel

      has they removed the option from the admin panel?

  3. kashif qazi

    i want to check my remaining balance and i forgot my username and password so plz help me

    • Nabtron

      Kashif did you try calling their service center?

  4. haneen

    Wateen has become worst these days I don’t know what happened to the service !? Always signals gone away it’s Un bearable please do something

    • Nabtron

      Wateens original owner died last year. Maybe the new ones aren’t much interested in it :/

  5. Rana Zeeshan

    How can i explain. What,s our problem……….. “This webpage is not available” are written at the top of the page

    • Nabtron

      What address are you using to access the page?

      Does the page load with this error or nothing else loads on the wateen balance page?

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