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How to enable Facebook SMS notifications

It’s been some time now when facebook started this feature of sms subscription to the notifications for “free” to all its registered users, but still most of the people are unaware of this useful feature!

Facebook allows the users to change the settings to receive a sms for the notifications that they subscribe for, such as the inbox messages, comments on photos, friends wall posts and updates etc. To receive the notifications to your mobile phone via sms, follow this tutorial. (the images used in this tutorial are taken from the iphone screen, but they are same as normal web browser)

[If you want to add your phone number to facebook only, follow this]

How to enable Facebook SMS notifications

1. Goto Facebook Notifications settings

To enable sms notifications subscription to your provided mobile phone number, goto:

settings > notifications

2. Select to send notifications via sms

On the notifications settings page, click on

send notifications on my phone via sms

This will open the popup window asking for the activation of the Facebook texts with a note:

before you can receive notifications via sms, you must activate your phone for facebook mobile

and then asking you to choose the country and mobile service provider below it.

Note: For Pakistan, only warid, mobilink gsm and telenor are available (yes. .  ufone is not available :p)

On next step, you will have to goto your mobile phone compose menu, and send a message to 32665 having only F as the body of the text and it will send the confirmation code on your mobile phone.

Once you receive the mobile phone number confirmation code, enter it in the next step and select or deselt “add my cell number to my profile” according to your personal preference and click confirm.

Upon confirming the process’s last step, it will now enable the facebook mobile notification sms subscription and you can change various settings on the next page. You usually don’t need to change any settings, but just have a look at it . . . just in case.

Don’t forget to click on save preferences button at the bottom of this page. This will show you a confirmed message on the next page showing that now the subscription has been confirmed.

So now whenever you get the notification on your facebook, or messages in your inbox, you will get notified on your cell phone number you provided above as sms – for FREE. There are various settings ans variations too in this feature… just play around with it and you will come to know more!!!

Let me know if you have any queries or comments regarding this.

10 Responses to How to enable Facebook SMS notifications

  1. Angelina

    Love the collection on this site. Visit this site almost everyday, have it in my favorites.

    • Nabeel

      I’m glad to know that Angelina.

  2. phil mears

    when i get a facebook notification on my phone one of the options is “reply” for some reason when i send the reply it now goes to that persons inbox instead of the wall where the original message is…….
    any help resolving this matter will be greatly appreciate

    • Nabeel

      if you will reply to a message, it will goto his inbox!

  3. Souleymane MANE

    It is very important for every one to receive notification by email when reply is posted.Thanks to have gove me this opportunity.

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome!

  4. sajjad

    i am a mobilink user in pakistan i write F to 32665 but i dont get the confirmation code what is the reason behind that

    • Nabeel

      try sending it from any other mobilink number to confirm please. I don’t have a mobilink sim so can’t confirm.

  5. abu bakar

    mobile sa direct facebook pr chat ho skte ha msg pakg ka zrya????????????????????????

    • Dr. Nabeel

      yes ho skti hai, but it has its own limitations

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