How to facebook video call

Facebook has finally launched its long awaited video calling feature in collaboration with skype! They also added group chat to the facebook messages along with few other improvements.

The changes rolled out around the time when Google launched its social network Google plus as beta too.

The video call feature is being rolled out to the users and will be completed in couple of weeks. However, you can still try the new facebook video call feature .

How to Try Facebook Video Calling Now

  1. Login to your facebook profile
  2. Visit and click Get Started button
  3. It will ask if you want to setup for the first time, select to do so.
  4. Install Facebook video calling app / plugin that pop ups.
  5. Your friend needs to install the same app / plugin too in order to use facebook video calling feature
  6. Once installed, it’s now ready to be tried out.

You can now try the new facebook video calling feature with your friends. If your friend isn’t available or not able to answer the call, you can even leave him a video message that he can check later when he returns! cool!

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