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How to get rid of / disable Facebook Notification Emails

Facebook.com by default sends all your notifications related to your account to the email address that you used to signup with the facebook. No doubt a very nice and helpful feature, but some times facebook notifications makes your inbox a mess if you got too many notifications a day including any facebook message, or when some one writes on your facebook wall, or comments on wall or picture etc.

Well like many people who are fedup of this facebook notifications feature, one of my friend recently asked me about how to get rid of it. He said:

facebook constantly emails me  about posts written on walls or if a friend  writes something how can i get rid of this thing ?

Well, honestly getting rid of this annoying and some times frustrating facebook notification email feature is really simple! Heres how to get it done.

Login to Facebook.com account

First step is to access facebook.com and login with your account for which you want to change the settings.

Goto Account Settings Page

After logging in to the facebook.com account, while on the homepage goto the account settings page from the top right menu Account > Account Settings

Goto Facebook email Notifications settings

Once on the account settings page, you will see another sub top menu with a link saying notifications

This page shows you the options related to notifications to your email address or cell phone via sms from facebook.com

Here from the list you can check or uncheck all the items that you need to be notified or not to be notified about.

Save your Facebook Notification emails Settings

Once you have made selection of the notifications that you need to be notified to your email address from facebook.com (you can uncheck all items too if you don’t want to be notified at all) click Save Changes.

So now you have chosen which updates from facebook you want to be notified about, including wall posts, comments on posts, links and photos, inbox messages, application updates etc. Or if you have unchecked all the boxes then you will not be notified for any facebook notifications via email address.

6 Responses to How to get rid of / disable Facebook Notification Emails

  1. PAUL

    thang you for this its been doing my head in for so long now at last GREAT

    • Nabeel

      you’re welcome Paul :)

  2. komal karlotara

    Will it really works.

    • Nabeel

      yes Komal, it really works!

  3. Geet kapoor

    Thanx yr

    • Nabtron

      You’re welcome! glad that you were able to get rid of facebook emails flooding your email inbox! :)

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