How to permanently delete Facebook messages

Just received an sms from a friend asking:

How to completely delete messages from fb :s

So the blogger within me woke up and I thought why not tell you about this too!

This post will explain to you how to permanently delete facebook messages. When you simply click the cross to the right of the message it simply hides or archives it. Old messages reappear when there is any new message in facebook inbox. So how to complete delete message from facebook? Follow these steps and (securely) delete facebook messages permanently:

How to Completely delete messages from Facebook

To completely delete messages from facebook conversation, follow these steps.

1. Login to facebook and goto facebook inbox

2. open the message which you want to be delete from facebook messages inbox

3. In the top menu select Actions > Delete messages

permanently delete facebook messages

This will bring a bar on top of these messages / chat asking you to delete selected or delete all (and to cancel ofcourse) along with checkbox with each (group of) messages.

4. Here, you can now either select the messages you want to be deleted permanently from your facebook inbox or you can chose Delete all to permanently delete all Facebook messages and conversation with this friend / individual.

It shouldn’t be hard to follow these steps to permanently delete facebook messages and conversations but if you get any difficulty in completely deleting facebook messages do let me know.

14 comments on “How to permanently delete Facebook messages

  1. Awesome one. I was just clicking the ‘X’ on the right side in messages archives beside that was wondering why it isn’t getting deleted. Thanks :D!

  2. This only deletes the message on your end, the person you sent the message to can still view the messages you deleted.

  3. Yes but this doesnt delete the conversation on the other persons account they can still see what you have written to them. How do you delete the conbversation so tht neither you or the person your messaging can see what you have written?

    1. hack their account and delete it :p

      kidding, well you can do that via skype, so in future use skype for such conversations and delete them when you feel so

  4. messages does not permanently delete cos when i do it from my computer i think its fine then when i use my bb its all there……

  5. but how to delete theme from the ”whole” facebook permanently so if facebook wants it to get filtered it cant………..please i need serious suggestions if u help me….I wud be s0 thnKfUl 2 yA!!!

    help needed

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