How to stop friends from tagging and publishing posts on your Facebook wall

Facebook tags and wall posts are becoming troublesome for most of us due to increase spam and viral links images / videos etc.

Luckily, facebook provides users an option which can help them avoid all those tags and posts to be displayed on their facebook wall without permission.

How to control what happens when friends tag you or your content on Facebook

To stop auto posting on your facebook wall and auto tagging by your friends, you can control what happens when friends tag you or your content. To do so, follow these steps:

1. Login to your facebook profile

2. Goto Privacy Settings (from top right)

3. On privacy settings page, look for “How Tags Work” and click on “Edit Settings” in front of it.

4. The popup will open when you click on edit settings for how tags work on facebook profile of yours. Now, turn the options and filters which you want to be turned on. I will recommend turning all of them to on or atleast timeline review and tags review.

This way, when someone of your friend tags on your wall, it won’t get published automatically and will be pending your approval before being publicly available.

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