How to take a screenshot on windows seven easily

There is one old popular way of taking screenshot on windows by holding down ctrl + prtsc (print screen) key. Then pasting the snapshot in ms paint and saving it. Relatively lengthy and boring process right ?

There is another way of achieving the same task, its not the best though, as it can be improved further too, however its faster than the typical one, and yes it’s builtin to windows seven (and vista)

How to take screenshot on windows seven using snipping tool

Windows vista introduced a tool called “snipping tool”. It’s also carried on to windows seven.

To launch snipping tool, simply goto start on left bottom and start typing snipping tool, it will appear in the list.

Click on the snipping tool to launch it and then you can use it to capture the screen and save them directly.

As I said earlier, it won’t make the process best possible and shortest, but its faster than the typical ms paint paste and save method!

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