How to remove Facebook virus posting nude video link on your friends wall

There is a virus on facebook these days with a partially nude picture, which gets posted in your name to all your friends if you click on it.

Obviously it spreads once you click on it, so avoid clicking on it at the first place.

In case you have clicked on that facebook virus post already out of curiosity then here’s the way to remove it.

The virus we’re talking about is this post:

That last check the sad post I dare you can watch this .
[VIDEO] Yeeah!! This haappens 0n Live Teleevision!

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How to remove facebook virus posting on your friends profiles

The solution to this virus is pretty simple. If you’re facing the problem with automatic (nude) video posts on your friends walls, it is being done through the extension installed on your browser.

So the solution to remove this facebook virus is to remove / uninstall the extension. Extension is named “YouTube Premium“.

Google Chrome: Goto Tools > Extensions and remove the extension youtube premium from there

Mozilla Firefox:¬†Goto Tools > Addons > Extensions and remove the addon “youtube premium”

Hopefully this will resolve the issue of facebook virus posting nude video link on your friends walls from your name!

And next time, avoid clicking any such thing! yeah!

Note: The virus or posting can be due to any other extension or reason too, check this link for details:  Remove Facebook Virus Posting nude videos on Wall.

14 comments on “How to remove Facebook virus posting nude video link on your friends wall

  1. I keep getting the facebook security check words [captcha code text] when I use my chat and it says that if I want to get rid of it to click on verify account…what if this is a hacker??..will verifying my chat give the hacker what they need? thans xo

  2. A picture of two fully nude females is posted on my timeline, and it is being sent to my friends. How may I remove this? I haven’t found “extension youtube premiumn” to delete.

  3. we have facing the problem with automatic (nude) video posts on my friends walls,please rectify this problem and sort it out i am very fed up with this please help me. what do?

  4. in my google chrome there are no option like YouTube premium in extensions.. , so how can i remove this thing ? please give me reply as soon as possible because i am facing this problem.. and due to this virus i put in very shameful condition among my friends and followers.. so please give me reply fast….

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