noFollow links DO count – myth debunked

There’s a common misconception going around in the whole blogsphere that nofollow links don’t flow link juice (also page rank).

First let me clarify, why I count link juice and page rank seperately, because page rank is just a measure used by google for various purposes which we all know.

Back links (or link juice) is used by all services. Including all search engines, alexa and so on.

Ok so back to the point, there is common myth around bloggers specially that nofollow links don’t leak your link juice or provide back link. Sorry, but it does.

Is rel nofollow equal to dofollow?

No, its not, you can count it as of almost half value as dofollow.

Which means, if you have 3 links on a page, link A (do follow) and link B and link C nofollow, then your backlink juice will be divided in 4. Link A will get 2 parts of it and link b and link c will get 1 part of it each.

Now it seriously doesn’t mean you should start spamming on nofollow pages too! spamming is bad! really bad!

4 comments on “noFollow links DO count – myth debunked

  1. NO Follow = telling bot if you are crawling my site do not follow (do not crawl) the link.

    Do Follow = Telling bot that follow this link and crawl that page too.

    But No Follow links helps to get traffic to your site and if links are posted on relevant blogs it also increases worth of your site / blog.

  2. Both of you are wrong..

    A do-follow (rel=follow) links indicates that a certain link tells the search engine that the site vouch for this link. It is some sort of link a recommendation.

    On the other hand, a Nofollow is method to annotate a link to tell search engines that “I can’t or don’t want to vouch for this link.”

    Faraz and Dr. Nabeel, FYI both of these links will be crawled in the site whatever their attributes are. BTW, the links in your names have nofollow attribute, but it can still be crawled. :)

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