Peak traffic times on various social networks

These days we’re all busy browsing various social networks of our choice all day long. However there are specific peak hours for different social networks.

Knowing these peak times is helpful in gaining maximum response from your desired audience by sharing your content at that specific peak time.

Please note, peak times are definitely useful but it doesn’t mean your post won’t get enough response if not shared during those hours, however timing your posts publication at those times will definitely help no doubt in getting maximum response from say your facebook, twitter, LinkedIn or other fans.

The peak hours for various social networks can be estimated as follows:

Facebook peak time : 1pm to 4pm
Twitter peak time : 1pm to 3pm
Google+ : 9am to 11am
LinkedIn : 7am to 9am , 5pm to 6pm
Pinterest : 2pm to 4pm , 8pm to 1am

You might be asking, ok well, this pm to that pm, but which timezone ? Answer is the timezone of the country whose public you’re targeting.


What this leads to is, also, that most people who follow this trend carefully will be sharing most of their posts and content at these peak hours, while visitors won’t be having much to browse at other times or off peak times, so sharing or re sharing your content at off peak times will lead to added benefit by getting your content seen on the newsfeed and timeline / wall of your facebook users or other social networks too.

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