Photostream images not showing in Facebook – solution

This post will solve the issue if you have tried tagging your pictures in the Facebook profile but it didn’t change the images in the facebook photostream.

Facebook introduced the new photostream in Facebook profile wall. The photostream consists of images and is shown on the top of the facebook profile wall.

The photostream by default shows the images you are tagged in. But if it isn’t showing the images, instead it’s showing your profile display images in the photostream, then follow these steps to fix this issue:

  1. Login to facebook
  2. goto: <top right menu>/Privacy settings/
  3. Click on custom > customize settings option
  4. In the Things others share section change the settings for: Photos and videos I’m tagged in to be visible to everyone or atleast friends only.

This will now show the images that you are tagged in your facebook profile on your photostream.

The reason for this error was not a bug, rather a settings issue which we just fixed!

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