Review posts you’re tagged in – Facebook New Profile Controls

Facebook is constantly updating its social networking script to make it more interesting, secure and customized in terms of privacy of the users.

Facebook has launched a feature in which you get notified about pending posts that you’re tagged in. The link to pending posts appear in the left sidebar below your profile picture and wall link, when you’re on Facebook Profile page / Wall (not on homepage).

You can see a link to Pending Posts where Facebook is asking you to review posts you’re tagged in saying that someone has tagged you. Use your pending posts page to approve what goes on your profile.

On the learn more page Facebook says:

New Profile Controls
Introducing new tools to help you control what goes on your profile, and who can see what you share.

Now you can decide if the posts you’re tagged in appear on your profile. To turn on Profile Review, go to the “How Tags Work” section of your privacy settings. Posts you choose not to include on your profile may still appear elsewhere on Facebook.Learn more about tagging.

Changed your mind? No problem.

Have you ever shared something with all your friends, then later wished you could limit who could see it? Now you can go back and change the audience for something after you post it.

Choose who you share with

Privacy controls have moved right next to things you share, so it’s clear who sees your stuff. You can pick and choose who sees what — like share your hometown with friends, but only let family see your phone number.

Hopefully facebooks new privacy controls will make it more secure and trustable place to be at!

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