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Leaked Steve Jobs first picture after resign from Apple as CEO

Note: There are rumors that this image is fake: Is TNM picture of Steve Jobs after resign is Fake ?

This is the first picture circulating around of Steve Jobs after resigning from apple as ceo.

His health deteriorated alot. You can see his not so good condition due to which he resigned as ceo from apple.

I am not sure if this picture is after he resigned or some time back before he resigned from apple as ceo. But whenever it was taken, this image simply shows why steve jobs resigned as ceo of apple. The above picture showing his bad health is really sad, but nothing can be done in front of fate.

He seems seriously ill in this leaked picture. Get well soon Steve!

2 Responses to Leaked Steve Jobs first picture after resign from Apple as CEO

  1. Swapnil

    He is not wearing a turtleneck?? :O

  2. asr

    I believe this is an edited pic..! steve always sports a turtle neck..!
    simple facts..greats answers.!

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