Stop Godaddy Product Expiration Notification?

So you registered a domain name from Godaddy and now you don’t want to renew and own it anymore?

It’s easy right? don’t pay for next year! naaaah!!!! Godaddy won’t let you slide through it! they send you an email literally every week or more often that you domain is expiring or going to be deleted and so on (and won’t give any link in email to stop these annoying emails giving the Product Expiration Notification?).

So how to stop Godaddy from spamming your email inbox about the domain that you don’t want to own anymore? Follow the steps below.

1. Goto and login to your account

2. Goto: My Account page from top menu

3. In left menu, under My Products click Domain Manager

4. Select the domain which you don’t want anymore in your account and click delete in the top bar. It will show a popup asking you to confirm the delete etc. Select Delete domain(s) and click ok and you’re done! Phew!

Hopefully you won’t be needing to click junk on all emails from godaddy now! you can simply stop them spamming your inbox this way and can easily stop godaddy domain renewal emails

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