What if you could . . . ?

Who told Michael Arrington in June 2005 that techchurch.com will become his full time business in 2006 after starting blogging about startups 2 years ago? Did he knew that he will earn $200,000 a month out of it?

Did Pete Cashmore know in July 2005 that mashable will make him more than 160,000 $ per month? Did he know he would make upto top 15 in technorati?

Did Darren Rowse know in November 2004 that he could make a six figure income out of problogger? did he know he will be the one followed?

Did Frauenfelder know in January 2000 that he will be on top in technorati and will get more than a million dollar an year from boingboing?

They all were not born with a letter in their hands that they will make a blog and will rock the blogsphere.

No fortune teller told them that they will be an icon on internet

They were born as infant and had similar ups and downs in life.

They all tried, failed, tried again, failed again, and again and again . . .

Just imagine for a while, what if you could?

What if you could make something so viral that world will forget facebook

what if you could beat mashable?

what if you could be CEO of google

What if you could compete and over rule google?

what if you could . . . ? what if you could accomplish that dream of yours ?

what if you were really able to rule the blogsphere?

what if you could get 100K real twitter followers and facebook fans

what if your site could become popular enough that it becomes hard for you to manage the incoming traffic even?

Just for a while, don’t just imagine, but BELIEVE, what if You Could . . .

Just for a sec, don’t just ask yourself, but TELL, what if I Can ?

Get up, get started, TRY, fail, try again, fail again, and again and again but don’t stop until you can prove that Yes, I can . . .

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