How to remove facebook security check words [captcha code text]

Facebook have a security feature of captcha code which shows some words every time you want to do interaction with the people on facebook including:

  • adding new friends
  • sending message to people who are not in your friend list

facebook captcha

Well, this is really good security check though, but can be very much irritating some times, or say , most of the time! So well, how to fix/solve it? and remove it permanently from showing those security check words and asking you to enter the show text from the captcha image in the box before doing any interactions on the facebook? solution is simple:

Facebook simply wants you to verify your account before you can get rid of this captcha code altogether from any activity you do on facebook including adding new people on facebook or sending them messages.

To verify your account with facebook, it needs you to enter your mobile number and it will send you the security code on your mobile number. To get verified on facebook by entering the mobile / cell phone number and get rid of the captcha security code text, follow this:

Click on the verify Your account link on the captcha popup (link circled red in the image below):

facebook captcha 2

It will open another popup.In the new popup, facebook will ask you to select your country and country code and then enter the cell phone number below it. Simply enter the cell number in that place in international form (without the country code ofcourse as it has been already selected above) and then slick confirm.

facebook captcha

Upon clicking the confirm button, facebook will check if the number is already registered / associated with another account for verification of not, if not, then it will simply send a confirmation code on your cell phone as a sms message immediately. Simply read the message and enter the confirmation code sent by facebook in the next page and click confirm.

facebook captcha

After you press confirm, facebook will show you a message saying that your account is now confirmed, and here you go! no more irritating captcha code, security image text and words, etc! Cool and simple life at facebook! adding new people as friends and messaging those who are not in your friend list yet! But hey! be careful! don’t be very fast at that! because facebook still blocks the account if it uses the features of adding new friends or sending messages above certain limit! so just be easy at that! Have fun! happy facebooking! :D

174 Responses to How to remove facebook security check words [captcha code text]

  1. jim

    i would like to sign up another account but the captcha code wont appear and I cannot sign up for a new account

    • Dr. Nabeel

      clear the browser cache and try again

  2. quinc elvis

    please check your text message

    • Dr. Nabeel

      check my text message about?

  3. talha

    i have a lot of friends i cannot identify their photos and to comfirm the mobile number i do not have a mobile i hate security checks

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you can try some one elses number in the family

  4. zaynab

    A hacker added my security question, but i cant get rid of it and i dont know the asnwer to it :S

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you can retrieve your password to your email from facebook

  5. siti

    pliz i had some big problem.When i enter my phone number and until now i didnt get the code trough my phone..
    any other way?
    wats reason..pliz help me..

    • Dr. Nabeel

      Facebook wasn’t sending messages properly these days, its probably fixed now. Try again

  6. usman ghani

    i have problem in facebook security sheck point.

    • Dr. Nabeel

      whats the problem that you’re having

  7. justin

    can u help me!,facebook ask me to fill up the a security code!,,the thing is i cannot find my old mobile number!,,what other else can i do ,to open my facebook, account without filling the security code!

    • Dr. Nabeel

      if you have session saved on any other computer you can login in it and approve this computer from there

      Also remove the security check this way

      • justin

        i have no other log in session saved!, what else can i do!,,i tried many way!,,but i always ended up in the state that i will fill the security code.

        • Dr. Nabeel

          have you tried contacting facebook directly?

  8. stop

    i dont have a phone number
    how can u disable the phone check ? my facebook is disabled …

    • Dr. Nabeel

      you will have to contact facebook staff

  9. Jordan

    1. There are actually people out there who use Facebook who do not OWN a cellphone.
    2. There are actually real-live people out there who do NOT want their cellphone number linked to a social network account.
    3. Facebook forces CAPTCHA on 3 things that I know of:
    –a. sending a link through message chats
    –b. sometimes in group messages, saying to slow down, you may be using a feature in a way it is not intended
    –c. sending too many friend requests in a day
    I can sort of understand the first and the third, but the second one makes no sense to me.

  10. shwethamanjunath

    my account is not opening plz some body help

    • Nabtron

      what’s the error your facebook account is giving when you try to login ?

  11. farhan

    i dont have a option of #verify your account. plzz help my fb account iz deactive from 2 month.

    • Nabtron

      what’s the error you get when you try to login to your facebook profile?

  12. Barbara Paige

    i need a security code to access my account but old number does not work.My new number is ******** icannot open my facebook account

  13. Dr. Nabeel

    did you try contacting facebook staff ?

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