Connect GCC via Mac Terminal

Google cloud console provides a browser based SSH client that we can use to easily connect to our google cloud console instance. However there are reasons why you might want to connect using your operating systems ssh client. One being faster connection and response obviously. Secondly it’s easier to manage your virtual server from your […]

How to Reinstall mac OS Sierra

There might be some situations where Macbook or Macbook pro users may need to reinstall macOS Sierra. This can either be done as a troubleshooting technique only or for any other reaons that require them to reinstall Sierra as well. Our method will re-install macos sierra without erasing the data or formatting your MAC hard […]

How to monitor data transfer on Mac OS X

One of the easiest way to check the bandwidth or data transfer on any network is by checking the data transfer in your routers admin panel. However for any reason if you’re not able to do that, or if you want to be able to access the data transfer details on your mac os x […]

How to quickly lock your screen on mac os x

In this post you will be learning how to lock your screen quickly on mac os x when you’re hurrying somewhere and don’t have time to log off or shut down, or some times when you can’t logout or shutdown as some download is going on or due to some other reason. There are couple […]

How to free up ram on Mac using terminal

I’ve a macbook white with 2gb ram in it. Works great usually but if its used for long specially including opening and closing of various applications, ram gets really messed up. The system memory gets filled with the blue “inactive” ram memory. There are various paid programs out there which do this for you, but […]

How to Ping from terminal in Mac OS X

To ping some website or IP address from the terminal in Mac OS X please  follow these steps: 1. Open terminal To open terminal, either open finder and search for it or goto: Applications > Utilities Or else you can simply write terminal in spotlight search on top right and it will show the terminal. […]

Dual Boot Windows Vista And MAC OS X 10.5

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for information purpose only. We don’t take any responsibility for any damages caused as a result of these instructions. Also please obtain legal version of OS X from apple prior to using the os. Requirements: Desktop PC or Laptop running windows (vista/xp) iATKOS v1.0 DVD image (approx 2.16 GB) Windows (vista) […]

Is my mac os 32 or 64 bit

While using your awesome Apple machine you might need to know that is your mac OS X 32 or 64 bit ? You may need this info for some software that you want to install on your computer to confirm it’s compatibility or just out of curiosity too! So quick answer is: Mac OS X 10.5 and above (which […]

Convert Snow Leopard Retail Disk to .DMG

There might be some situations when you need your mac osx retail disk converted to dmg. For example, if you own a macbook Air and external dvd super drive is damaged or your macbook drive is corrupted etc. So in this situations, we aren’t able to run the mac osx snow leopard setup via dvd, […]

How to rename a file in mac OS X

This tutorial explains how to rename a file in Mac OS X leopard (10.5) and snow leopard (10.6) Users who are familiar with windows operating system try to find the rename option by right clicking the item they want to rename, which they don’t get in Mac OS X. Then how to rename a file […]