Solution – No sound with Headphones / or Speakers – Laptop / macbook

Well this extremely annoying stupid thig happened to me today, so i decided to make a post about it to help others who might be experiencing the same thing. Well what happened was that i was listening to songs on my apple white macbook while working online and then i decided to plugin my headphones/hands […]

Trackpad Tap/click working on Old(white) Apple Macbook with new Bootcamp 3.0 on Windows

After years of patience! atlast now the trackpad of your white apple macbook, which was thought to be old and support for its trackpad drivers to work properly in windows operating system was being considered not to be considered! has atlast been able to tap to click via your macbook trackpad. Apple launched the better […]

Using Print Screen feature on Apple Mac Keyboard for windows OS:

If you are using windows on an Apple’s system ( like macbook ), you will not be able to take a screen shot by pressing print screen key. The reason is, there is no key of print screen on an apple keyboard. The solution for this problem is provided below. For Mac OS: If you […]

Problem in Ejecting a Disk from Mackbook?

Tried ejecting your dvd/cd disk from your macbook cd/dvd disk drive and failed? don’t worry, here’s how to fix it If your disk (CD/DVD) is struck in you Macbook and can not be ejected through normal measures then all you have to do is: Just reboot your Macbbok while holding down the trackpad button. This […]

Macbook Speakers not working [on windows or leopard os ]

After encountering the issue of the macbook speakers going soundless a few times, i thought to make a post about it to help others who might be confused with this condition of no sound from the macbook speakers on windows seven or any other version of windows (xp or vista) or Mac OS-X Leopard.The situation […]

How to take screen shot / print screen on macbook (windows)

We use the print screen button to take screen shot of the desktop, but what? there is no print screen button on the macboo keyboard? Don’t panic! the solution is simple. If you dont want to buy a new usb or wireless keyboard and use it with your macbook just to take screen shots of […]