Dual Boot Windows Vista And MAC OS X 10.5

Disclaimer: This tutorial is for information purpose only. We don’t take any responsibility for any damages caused as a result of these instructions. Also please obtain legal version of OS X from apple prior to using the os. Requirements: Desktop PC or Laptop running windows (vista/xp) iATKOS v1.0 DVD image (approx 2.16 GB) Windows (vista) […]

Mac MPEG player (Free)

I got this wonderful sony handy cam which makes brilliant movie clips, but once I copied them to my macbook running mac os x 10.6, I was surprised to know that it don’t support mpeg! So i was wondering how to find a mac mpeg player! Yeah just like you! Ok so if you want to run […]

Is my mac os 32 or 64 bit

While using your awesome Apple machine you might need to know that is your mac OS X 32 or 64 bit ? You may need this info for some software that you want to install on your computer to confirm it’s compatibility or just out of curiosity too! So quick answer is: Mac OS X 10.5 and above (which […]

Convert Snow Leopard Retail Disk to .DMG

There might be some situations when you need your mac osx retail disk converted to dmg. For example, if you own a macbook Air and external dvd super drive is damaged or your macbook drive is corrupted etc. So in this situations, we aren’t able to run the mac osx snow leopard setup via dvd, […]

How to rename a file in mac OS X

This tutorial explains how to rename a file in Mac OS X leopard (10.5) and snow leopard (10.6) Users who are familiar with windows operating system try to find the rename option by right clicking the item they want to rename, which they don’t get in Mac OS X. Then how to rename a file […]

How to delete a file in Mac OS X using mouse or keyboard

This basic tutorial is about how to delete a file in Mac OS X (Leopard 10.5 and Snow Leopard 10.6 etc). To delete a file in Mac OS, we have two options. Using mouse Using keyboard To delete a file in mac os x using a mouse, we simple do this: Goto the folder where […]

Nothing happens when I connect iPhone to Mac OSX – solution

When we connect iPhone / iPod to macbook or any other machine running mac OS, it pops up the image capture program to download your images from the iPhone / iPod memory to your computer harddisk. However, if you have ever encountered the same situation, connected the iPhone with your macbook and nothing happened, then […]

Can’t enable file sharing lan windows seven – Solved

I was trying to copy some files from my macbook to desktop, both running windows seven but was not able to do so because whenever i try to enable file sharing in windows it didn’t, and gave the same option that file and printer sharing is off. How to fix this issue? well it’s pretty […]

How to monitor your processor temperature

My macbook gets really hot these days, ya because it’s summer out here now! so it’s almost unbearable to keep it in my lap usually! I changed many power options to keep it cool but it failed me . . . Anyway, so coming to the point, how can i check the core temperature of […]

Cheapest and fastest way to clean your Laptop / monitor screen

Well to some people this might seem stupid because in their view there are many products publicized in the market for the similar purpose of cleaning the laptop screen or monitor screen, but believe me there is no cheaper and fastest way to get the dust and finger marks from your laptop screen off within […]